MATH 2210Q-007/011

Course Syllabus

Course Description: Systems of equations, matrices, determinants, linear transformations on vector spaces, characteristic values and vectors, from a computational point of view. The course is an introduction to the techniques of linear algebra with elementary applications. Although a certain portion of the course is computational, we will try to mix in a fair amount of true and false questions to get ourselves used to reasoning and coming up with counterexamples.

Book: You do not need to purchase a book for this course. Pearson has offered us a free membership to MyMathLab, which includes an interactive online version of the book, and also a normal e-book version that can be used offline. If you want a hard copy of the book (I still like hard copies, too) then you can get it for $50 through MyMathLab, or any buy any edition used. Don’t spend more than $50.

Instructor: Bobby McDonald
Instructor Website:
Office: Monteith 120
Office Hours: Tu/We/Th 9:30-10:30
email: (use this for logistical questions)
Location and meet time:
    Section 007 - Monteith 320, TuTh 8:00-9:15
    Section 0011 - Monteith 225, TuTh 11:00-12:15
Piazza: (use this for every other question)
YouTube: Videos will be posted to the channel mathrjsm.
MyMathLab: All course assignments, grades, and announcments will be posted to MyMathLab. Our course ID is mcdonald94566. Please do not purchase an access code. I have a free one for you.

Tentative Outline

The outline below is tentative. Our plan is to cover an average of two sections per week. If you miss a class, use the book to fill the notes out, come to my office hours, find a friend who is willing to share, or wait until the weekend when I post them to Piazza!