MATH 111 Introduction to Functions and Calc II

Yale University
Spring 2020

Instructor Information

Instructor: Bobby McDonald
Office: DL 429
Class meet time: Tu/Th 11:35 - 12:50p
Class meet location: LOM 200
Email: (use Piazza, instead)
Office hours (tentative until second or third week):
        Tu/Th: 4:00 - 5:30p, We: 4:00 - 5:30p, (or by appointment)
How to Contact Me: For this class, all communication will take place on Piazza, rather than through email. For logistical/personal questions, you can send a private message to me. For questions regarding the material we’re covering in class, homework, quizzes, or exam study, you can post publicly to the discussion. You can do this anonymously!


This is where I'll post notes, handouts, quiz solutions, practice exams and more. I'll post an announcement on Canvas whenever this section gets updated.


Notes and topics from class (top)

The first two documents are a rough outline (unfilled) of what we expect(ed) to cover in class, with definitions and examples. There are two versions. The rest of the bullets include the just the examples that we covered in class, and completed examples (highlighted in red) that we didn't.

Extra Help

Resources Available

Offce Hours: Time and location are on the front page (it's best to keep them in one place!). I'll hold hours every week, and you should feel free to drop by to chat about any questions or concerns that you have. You do not need an appointment to come to office hours.

Residential College Tutors: Each college has math and science tutors who hold regular office hours. The schedule can be found at the Center for Teaching and Learning website. Note: You can attend tutor office hours at any college, not just your own.

Study Groups with Peers: You are strongly advised to form study groups with your classmates. Discussion and collaboration are among the best ways to learn mathematics.

General Advice for Success

  • Work outside of class! These topics can not be learned in 150 = 75 + 75 minutes each week. On average, students (not just in our class, but in general) are supposed to spend an average of two hours outside of class. That would be about six hours per class. That’s why they call it full time!
  • Make mistakes! Particularly on the homework, you might not know what to try first. Just try something. The process of mathematics is full of mistakes. I could fill a book with all of the mistakes I’ve made. They’re an integral part of learning!
  • Work with your peers. Bouncing ideas off of each other is the best way to learn.
  • COME TO MY OFFICE HOURS! It’s free tutoring. From your instructor. You know, the one who writes the exams. Please come, or make an appointment if you can’t!
  • We’ll be assigned a peer tutor, and when we do, I’ll be sure to post relevant information about how to access them on our website. This is the best place to go to get someone else’s take on the material that isn’t me. They might be able to explain something differently.